Thursday, 1 October 2015

First of October

We just got our pictures back both from the family photos with the bunnies and the wedding pictures. And I am so happy, they look so good!
Now all we need are the ones from M's family, so that we can make our scrapbook.

Here I am busy with some scrapbooking.

 I have already put too much in this book....
.... so now I can't close it properly XD
(this is an old photo of how I wish it still looked, but with mementos inside.)

This is a very bad photo, but I have used one skein of the grey already and as you can see, it is coming along, at least I hope you can see that as that was what I wanted you to see.
I wonder if it is actually a good grey colour with M's suit, but we will see that later. ^^
He needs more vests anyway, and I need the practice in making clothes.


Want to see some more family photos?
Ofcourse you do!

Valmin even went exploring after a while. Some forum members wanted the bunnies with my wedding flowers, so I made sure to bring them.

  The flowers belong to Mimle now. 

 I might be a crazy bunny lady. The one that wears socks with rabbits on them and has her bunnies photographed by a pro with husband and calls them family photos.
But if that is my only crazy I am fine with that.

After she peed on my blanket, this little troll ate some herbs like nothing happened.

We even got some nice shots of Valmin, who is notorious for always becoming somewhat of a blur on pictures.

Other than that we have been watching Sherlock season three and X-files. Yesterday we ordered some indian food for the first time and ate jelly. It was good although M wished he had asked for his to be mild like mine. Hehe.
Oh, and we just ordered all our thank you cards, and we even agreed on one!
(that is we made like five first that the other didn't like, so we compromised like a good married couple, now all we need is to compromise on a last-name:P)

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