Friday, 9 October 2015

Photo an hour October

I know this photo an hour thing has been going around the blog world, and I am not quite sure who started it or what the rules are. But my friend and I decided to do photo an hour as a sort of diary of times where we do things together.
Todays excursion went first to a rather gloomy place and then the fun started, but what is with all these words? I'll let the photos speak for themselves as this is a photo post after all.

6. o'clock
I never really went to bed, so I started my day at six. Bunnies were running about, but you never get a good photo of that do you? So here they are in a pause.

I am knitting fervently, hoping that if I encounter a problem I could take it to *Kio to see if she could help, but in the end I didn't need it and I managed to finish my hat! But because of that there was no time for breakfast, oops.

8 o'clock
And as I am getting ready, this is the face I get when I was in too much of a hurry to give treats.
Not a happy Mimle.

Waiting for the bus, this is todays outfit, my new lovely blue coat, these days I am loving dark blues, matching wool pantyhose and a light purple/pink dress and not matching shoes. Oops again.

On the bus with a bunch of older ladies, I am guessing they are all going to the same event, I wonder what so early in the morning.

One of the main reasons today was the day we planned to go out. I had a dentist appointment. I hate the dentist. Luckily for me, he didn't really do anything today, unluckily for me, I have to go back, three times.... Oops.

On the train.
The leaves are now mostly yellow or orange and the wind is cold. But no snow yet so that is good.

Lunch, at McDonalds. We were hungry and didn't want to walk too far so we sort of went to the first place we found. I like hamburgers and chips, but next time let's try to be healthier, ok?

No surprise there? The Asian section has exploded, we need to go back another time and see if there is any other fun things there. Wonder if they have any Japanese Tv-series?

And look, more art.
 There was a full wall of this. We love books. 

And here we are at glazed and amused (we keep calling it glazed and amazed which sounds so much better) with the second important task for the day, pick up the cups we made at my hen-do.
Guess which one is mine?

On the way home, by bus. We just made the bus as well, lucky, so we could use the same ticket as we did when we took the tram to pick up the mugs.

My new yarn came in the post so we picked them up before going back to my place to fawn over it. I really adore Drops yarn. Oh, and we bought some Sandnes yarn too, to make socks, because *Kio said she would teach me.

Home alone, and really tired. Almost asleep, so I try to keep busy multitasking. Playing some tapped out. Look at those purple bunnies, fitting?

I have no picture of because I fell asleep. Oops.

M is home! And I got sour cream porridge and we watched some X-files.

Is friday, so here is some of my candy for the weekend, in the bowl my friend E2 gave me, I LOVE this bowl and use it every weekend. I have a matching mug too. Yay.

Tired again, I have no idea what I have been doing these past two hours except procrastinate going to bed since it is so boring and I am too tired to go to bed, M is busy nerding and Mimle is not amused. Think it is time to just capitulate and go to bed, but better finish up this blogpost first, which is what I am doing at almost eleven...

Good Night

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