Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My knitting adventure

On Ravelry in my rabbit-group the ravelers there decided to do a knit-along because of Socktober and knit socks. Most of them are good knitters and are making beautiful socks, I and a couple of other forum-members are starter knitters and we were encouraged to join too, so I did. I started a sock!
My friend *Kio kindly said she would help if I needed in house help and went out with me to buy yarn. Sock yarn I have learned need a bit of nylon to help with the wear and tear of walking.
I bought green and purple.
Then I started. The internet and forum members said I should cast on 56, and I did, and I managed to make it in the round as well, later I learned I had done so in a very round-about-way, but hey, at least it was round! And unlike in my swatch I didn't loose or add any stitches! So far so good. But then, I had come to the dreaded heel. So I asked my friend if I could come over after my dentist appointment, and she and her dog met me and we walked over. She showed me how to make a heal whilst simultaneously make a sock with the purple yarn, she only cast on 44 stitches I think it was and I think that is what I will do next time, because that means on our feet for two socks you only need two balls of yarn! 

But look! I have a heel!

And although 56 stitches might be a bit much, since apparently my feet are thin, they do fit and don't fall off. So now all I need is to make it long enough and then there is the toe left. But honestly do I really need toes? (I think I might run out of yarn you see, but Maybe I just have to find some leftover yarn from somewhere and make a funny looking pink toe?)

I am crocheting some presents as well. Here are a stripe blanket made mostly from leftover yarn, and a sitting-mat to take with you when going on walks, also made from scraps of wool, although I need another ball of red after all. But neither is finished, the sitting-mat I had as a travel project and that is from waiting at the dentist for two appointments, I hate the dentist, so I got a present for being good and going. Two balls of orange yarn that I will make into a table runner for Halloween, maybe not this Halloween though. And yes, I DO have plenty to do that has a to-do date, that I am not currently doing, but I am sure with some frantic crafting about at the last minute will get finished like always, right?

These guys agree.
And sonce I haven't been that much home lately they have been walking at my heels all day and I have no idea how many times I have almost sat on them. I think they prefer it when I am home.
But whilst I am going out later for a meeting with my friend their bundad will be home with them, and he better not sit in the study!

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