Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My continuing Knitting adventure

I have done it! With lots of help I have managed to knit a sock! And it fits M snuggly on his foot.

My next goal is to make one with lots less help and without any added stitches. 
( I started with 56 and ended with 59, I have no idea how I managed that, but at least I didn't loose any.)
 And I don't have to finish by the end of Socktober, just Christmas;)

Look! They look rather smashing when worn.
And Mimle thinks they smell weird, daddy's feet usually stink more, these socks are practically odorless.

When not worn they look a lot less like a sock and more like something monstrous that resembles a sock but not quite. Valmin seems to think so too.

 In other news, I am preparing for Halloween. I had a party last weekend with my friends and I made these cool coasters. I also decorated and made a small ghost, I want to make more ghosts and make a garland. I hope to have another Halloween post ready later, but I really liked this pattern, the yarn were leftover yarn from my aunt, Sandnes Duo and some thick wool embroidery thread. We al dressed as witches and watched Kiki's delivery Service and Sweeney Todd, I love both movies. :) I had fun well into the morning with a cozy breakfast. The bunnies I think had as much fun, they got lots of treats and pets and the don't really like guests, but my friends are OK. ;)

On Halloween we are going to another party. I wonder what I'll dress up as then...

On Sunday M and I were invited with by a couple and went to see the Martian, I liked it, although the 3D effects hurt my head and the boys behind us were thoroughly obnoxious. Space and the sea are indeed equally frightening to me and I would not like being stranded by myself at all. 

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Nicki said...

Your sock looks GREAT!!! I was certain you'd be successful. :-)
Congratulations! Now onward with the second one ....

Cheering you on,
(eastskye on Ravelry)

(Nicki's owner)