Thursday, 16 June 2016

Retro Baby Clothing Bonanza

Well, I told you I went through a lot of my things at moms place right?
And she is very good at saving things and so I got two boxes of baby/doll clothes, a lot of which I wore when I was a baby.

 I had to throw out a few of them because of holes and elastics and stains, but after cleaning most are fine to use. And fun to look at. I showed my neighbour and he exclaimed that he couldn't believe I had been so tiny... Neither could I, but my uncle assures me that my head was like a small orange when I was born so maybe I was tiny. Anyway, would you like to see some adorable baby clothes?

Picture of me, my brother and grandmother at my 1st birthday and the only baby picture I could find, I know there are some more but I guess my mother has them. And look I am wearing red and my brother pink, he loved pink and light purple.

I hope to use some as templates to make my own in crochet later and make some more baby clothes from my list from the blogpost here or my Ravelry list here.
After all baby clothes are fast and I need practising on small things before I can do bigger things for me I think.

I love these two. The pants even have little feeties...
Oh how I wish I could knit! But learning to knit baby things is on my to do list. Maybe I can make something like this one day. Like when I am a great aunt or something. Hehe.

Mister M and I are not that fond of yellow, I wonder if my mother was? Look at those tiny booties and cute dress. The sweater and jackets are home made by someone too. My mother told me some of these were hand me downs but one of the jackets was made by her aunt? I think, which is amazing, just wished I liked yellow >.<
Pink, I love pink! The lightest I think is in some kind of eighties mohair mix and might not be the best to put on sensitive skin, but with something with arms under I am sure it could work. And the other pink jacket has cables! The bright pink cardigan is not home made, but it is still cool and usable. I found three! White jackets in acrylics from the store also.

The back of this dress has some stains on it (or front, but since both sides are the same I say back) so I am thinking of colouring it, it is after all home made by someone and should be used. White is not the most practical colour to put on a kid I have learnt. I love the ruffles on this, so adorable. I hope someone has a winter girl so this could be put to use.

The pocket of the blue dress is loose, but that can easily be mended. Or removed, but aren't these just the cutest?
The red dress I also love, and finding baby clothes that are not pink and blue is not the easiest these days I have heard. But I still think colour is just a colour and not a sign of gender, I could easily put my kid in blue, red, green, yellow, purple or pink although I don't think I would put my boy in these dresses.... ;) 

I remember I loved to dress my dolls with this sweater. The skirt is not pictured so great, it has blue dots I think. And amazingly the elastics is still fine. I wonder if I ever wore this, it seems more 90's, maybe my cousin wore it? Or I just got it for my dolls?

The purple dress has a tiny hole that needs mending but the sweater is still in almost mint condition. Look at those sweet hearts on it, who would not wear this? I hope someone I know has a winter baby.

A lovely blue dress with an open back, and those are my toes for size comparison, this was one of the largest dresses so you could imagine how tiny the rest are. Maybe it can even be used as a shirt for older kids?

On the back it says: Sorry, sold out. I love this t shirt ^^
 There were some other body-things too, but this one was the cutest.
Even some I remember my mother buying as baby gifts but the baby grew too fast so my dolls got it. 

Lots of velour and reds and some pinks. Some even have my name in them so I know I wore them. I do think most of these clothes are mine and not my brother's, but perhaps some were my brother's first?

One is missing a button but it is crazy throwing it away just because of that? I can fix that.
Even some might think these clothes look old or dated they are so small they mostly look cute and adorable.
There were some more clothes, but I only added the most interesting ones. What do you think? Even if they are only from the eighties I am sure they could be considered retro right?

 And I have already started to use one jacket as a measurement for a small baby wrap with short sleeves, just because I don't think I have enough yarn for whole sleeves.

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