Friday, 17 June 2016

Finished Friday again and more baby gifts

Are you tired of baby-things yet? I hope not, because in my endeavour at getting better at crocheting and designing things I though it good to start small and you don't get any smaller than with baby things...

As I told you earlier, I used one of the baby jackets as size measurements and started on a sort of vest for a baby. It was supposed to be a jacket, but I didn't have enough yarn for the arms and I kind of had no idea how to make it as I wanted so I opted for cute litte wing-like things instead.

Here I am sporting a lovely bracelet of Drops Merino. It was rather useful to hang my yarn on my and when I was halfway through the yarn so it didn't fall off the sofa as often.

Here I was the other day.

And here it is finished, tadah!

I have no idea what size it is, because small babies are hard to come by for size comparison, but I am guessing 3 month?

As you can see it is pretty much the same size as the jacket. Now it only needs a button and a fastening hem thing. And a baby inside, but for now I will just put it in my baby-gift box and hope someone comes a long to wear it. And in the meantime I am making more clothes so that I will get better at it, because this is rather sorry looking even if it is kind of cute. But hey, I designed it, sort of so I am kind of proud of it anyway.

The jacket weighed 78 and the vest 95, so almost two balls of Baby Merino from Drops...
Now what to make with the leftovers....

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