Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tuesday Tunes again

So because it is Tuesday and I like to share, not just to you, but to myself kind of like a diary of hits, here are this weeks selection.

This song is a bit older and I think this is one of the songs my friend Evi wanted me to listen to, I know I have heard and liked it before, but I found it again while looking at men dancing morning musume and then found this song.

Jump like me.
The dance looks easy but I am pretty sure I could never dance like this;)

I want to dance! So I am dancing around to this and singing, although I must confess that my moves look nothing like this >.<
And I will miss Kanon, the one in blue talking and DJ-ing who just graduated. I have felt too bad to mention her and my two favourites of Angerme graduating. (Tamura Meimi and Fukuda Kanon)
At least Fukuda sings on her IG sometimes.

 And I have not been idle, I have crocheted our pattern Søtten in pink and purple for a summer party.
Almost two balls of yarn, I haven't weighed them though, and some white scraps for the thread on top.

What do you think?

And we are very close to releasing our next pattern as well.


Filthy Smithereen said...

I am mighty impressed with both the guys dancing to morning musume and the guys dancing to perfume, they must've practised alot and I'm always happy to see guys unashamed of doing "girly" things! xD

Vilje Vanilje said...

I agree, the men in the first video is musumen and the other is perfumen and since they are from the same account they may interlap somehow but I am not sure... And they are so good at it, I wonder how long they have practised? I don't think I could ever dance like that no matter how long I practised. hehe.

But I had to buy all the songs, I have been singing them all week.