Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tuesday Tunes Because I can't help it

 So, I just realised I forgot to post the post I made on Tuesday! Oops, but better late than never. Even though I still listen to all the songs from last week, (I even bought them all) I re-found this Angerme song from April. I remember I loved it when I heard it, but it was too painful seeing Meimi and knowing she would graduate soon and I was not over Kanon leaving yet and seeing Angerme without her was weird...

Please excuse the stupid hat. (Yes, newbie I am looking at you) Someone should fire the people who came up with that hat, the other hats are fine I think.

The pants look a bit strange too but I can live with that XD

The newbies sound good too. Which is surprising. I love the lyrics even though I hardly understand anything since it is in a dialect of some sort, but I still sing suitou-to or whatever it is. 
Also when did Ayacho learn to sing? :O 

このまま終わりなんて嫌なの お願い近づかないで
kono mama owari nante iya na no    onegai chikazukanai de
I don't want to break up this way   I don't want this to end... 

だって仕方ないやん datte shika nai yan Because I can't help it.

Do you like it? I think it is my favourite of the three singles. Which one do you like?
Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku or  Koi Nara tokku ni hajimatteru or this, Itoshima Distance?
The first has a fun name, hate the rapping though but the dance,  the start and chorus I like a lot!
My love already begun a while ago by Tsunku, and I love the clothes, casual and cool, love the letters in the video, love the place the movie is shot, love the naze and nee's, love the lyrics, the chorus is 
nice and I love how it sounds like there are too many words in some lines so they need to be sung fast, love the dance. 
But still I haven't listened to this a lot. Must be me missing my Kanon and 
Meimi who was the only ones I loved in this group...

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