Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lazy Bunday

Hello, how was your weekend? Our was nice, not doing anything in particular though except hanging out. Doing some housework, going on a walk, and looking at our DVD's to see if there were any we were never going to watch again and I think we took about twenty to be donated. Well, we haven't gone yet, they have just been put in a box.

 It does feel nice to give away things that are not needed and just stay around the house as clutter. But still there are things everywhere here... Maybe we need to look at furniture next?

Bunnies have been taking it slow. Eating on the bed, binky-ing in the evenings and siesta-ing all day.
Just being bunnies I guess.

They have even been nice(er) and more loveable towards each other.

Mimle has as usual demanded cuddles from every human each time we've walked past. This little bun can never get enough cuddles. Too bad they are molting, again!


Lynda-Rose said...

Your bunnies are so cute!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you, and they do know it;) But sometimes they can be little trolls!