Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bunnies and baubles in bold text

Another Bauble, I must confess I love the colours in this one. They are so relaxing, and kind of like some retro baubles I found at the thrift-marked.

These were my inspiration. I really love baubles. They really help you to get in the spirit? (oh, and the rabbit saucer is a gift from my boyfriend, I really love it.)

The blue Star- Trek design is done. I am almost done with the ship in the black one too. But I decided to tweak the chart a little as I was not happy with it. So we will see how the next one turns out:)

 Oh, and this is bunny, begging for a snack. I refused to give her the snack whilst she was in the cage and asked her to come out and get the snack for herself, she declined, so she got only one little dried dandelion from this summer. She was not pleased, but that kind of picture does not seem appropriate on a family-friendly blog. ;)

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