Sunday, 11 November 2012

Froggin' Bunday

Hello, says rabbit. Want me to tell you about my progress? Or lack thereof?

Last night I thought that I fixed the things that were wrong... (The extra words not belonging and the border that was too close to the ship.) But today I realized that there were more mistakes in the chart itself. One R was different than the other so I must fix that.  (sorry about the distorted image, the ipad takes horrible pictures.)
This image shows the colours better. since it is a camera picture.
But then even later I found out that I had made ANOTHER mistake..... The GONE letters are one stitch too much up, and between WHERE and GO there was supposed to  be one more space....
( atleast the mistakes were not in the chart  this time around ) 
SO all those letters have been frogged. My goal of finishing this today will most definitely not happen. Although I have stitched this so many times now I could have done it if all the frogging did not occur. Oh, well.

Oh, and somewhere in the apartment is a needle that I lost last night, and me and my man tried for an hour to retrieve. Finally we just vacuumed, it is gone, giving me further incentive to believe there is a tiny black hole in our apartment somewhere....

Oh, yeah, and I have found my sewing machine, so stay tuned. (And all the parts to it, and that was a great feat)

Lets look at more pictures of the bunny shall we? On friday we went to the store to buy toys, and the employees at the store brought us Mimle's favorite toy before we had entered the store.

 This is mine says Mimle, and marks her toy ^^
And we bought a ball bigger than her, and she loves both of them. Lately she has been given her pellets in the evening in a treat- ball and she drags it around trying to get some food. She gets so exited she doesn't stop and eat the food until she stumbles upon some food miraculously one the floor. Silly bunny.

There is no exiting freebie today. Since I am busy with the stupid frogging.:P But you can look at my lovely baubles? Here is another: 
It says: Merry Christmas in norwegian. I am planning to make one in Finnish aswell.

Toodeloo. And all that.

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