Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Insert cool title here

I got some more stash from Sewandso, rather fast too:) 

 Black and Navy blue aida, some threads for my next project and a small coaster.

This is my new project, can anyone guess what I am making? I can tell you that it is one of my own designs. I watched an episode of Bones while sewing this part. The colours might look a bit odd, but it is supposed to look like that, sewing on blue aida is a bit of a pain, wonder how it will turn out on black... On the bright side, since I am making two of this until christmas, maybe I will never have time to start on the black one....

 I have made a small mistake in my Christmas picture, I can't find it anymore though, so I think I'll just finish it up as it is.... Maybe I will find it whilst making it up as a ornament?
I really like this one, Maybe I will make another with bananas, because that is the main must have food for bunnies in this household. ^^ I love the colours on this one.

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E2 said...

That's an Enterprise!