Thursday, 8 November 2012

Today is about stars and voyage tea

Can you tell what it is yet? E2 was right, it is the Enterprise. She looks a bit green, but since she is from the 60's series I thought it fitted. I actually love this design, at it is really easy to work on. (just wish the pictures were better, but it gets dark here so fast)
Two of the colours are a bit close to each other, so that proves a bit of a challenge, you can see it in the first nacelle. I solved that by finishing one green colour before starting on the other, as you can see in the other nacelle that is not quite fastened to the rest of the ship. I am actually looking forward to making the one on black aida too. And some nice people at the cross-stitching forum gave me a good idea, just change the colour on the black letters to white or silver. Sparkling of course ;)
 And as predicted I could not find my mistake in this piece, so I just finished it as it were.... I really like it. But have no idea how to finish it neatly.... I want an ornament, or maybe a wall-hanger?

Oh, me and my friends had an idea (mostly me, because I always come up with ideas no one have time for:P)
So we have been looking at some fabrics. ( courtesy of Hanne here ) 
But it is a secret what it will turn into, atleast for a while more:)
Oh, and I just realised, I need more birthday presents.... The ship is a birthday present for my cousin from his birthday in october:S And my mother has her birthday this month and I have nothing for her. The gift I made last year the angel cloth is still AWOL and I can't seem to find it.... I know where I packed it when we moved, and I remember seeing it in storage, and I know it got in the car to our new place, but I cannot remember packing it out. And there are hardly anywhere else to look now.... Maybe my man has to look for it, he and my mother have an uncanny way of finding things I can never find. And since it is a present for my mother I can't think it is appropriate to ask her to come look for herself:P

We are still watching Voyager, and I find it amusing that I keep drinking voyage tea whilst watching the series. I am rather easy to please I guess;)

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