Sunday, 4 November 2012

And I will see myself come alive at last I will touch the sky

Now this little pretty has been neglected for a long time, don't think I've stitched on her since we moved houses to be honest, and that is more than half a year ago. All I had left was the backstitching which took me only two days work. I really need to stop putting my projects away just because I've hit the backstitching stage....
I am looking at frames at the moment too, but I have not made a decision, my other Somebunny to love stitch is in a plain wooden frame, and I am fresh out of those. Need to go to IKEA I guess;) 

This is the design I made today. Some Selbu-mittens. Recently it has been snowing here, but today all the snow has melted... Hope the snow will come back soon, it is a lot less cold with some snow, and not to mention, less dark! Is it snow where you live? Snow always makes me happy. I feel like drinking hot chocolate and sing christmas songs while I make some homemade presents. ^^

Here is another bauble since the christmas time is fast approaching! I think this one is my favorite, and after all my wip clearouts I am so going to make all of these! Maybe this is the one design I am giving to my mother this year? To make an ornament with this? What do you think? I love it.
(this is the reason this post is not in norwegian, so my mother won't know about the present I am thinking about giving her)

If you are wondering about the title of todays post I can offer you an explanation, me and boyfriend are watching "Star Trek Enterprise" and singing the theme song. this is really the lyrics, but my boyfriend can't seem to get them right, and sing the line from the title of todays post. It is really quite endearing, and makes no sense.

Oh, yeah, and about the poll, it looks like the bunnies won, so I am going to make them, as soon as the threads land in my mailbox, and then I am going to have a giveaway, yay!

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