Sunday, 18 November 2012

Two of a kind

 So, my fist Star-Trek pattern is finished. I like the effect of the white sparkling text. Love the blue (although on camera it looks purple) cloth. I adore the ship ( even if I changed it a little in the next wip) What I am slightly ambivalent about is the text itself, I am not too sure about it's placement. So I changed it:

 This is my second Christmas-gift finish, (Here is the fist one) almoooost finished. I will get it done before I go to bed, even if it will take me all night!
I like this one better. Boyfriend asked to have his text askew like this, so I did that. His letters are done in silver DMC and there is another little difference between this ship and the one above, can you find it? LOVE LOVE LOVE this design, and I already have the frame for it I think.

I started on my halloween stitch. Here I also changed some of the colours from the chart, because black on black is not really visible. I think this is going to turn out really cool. I want to make the whole set.
Here is a link to look at how it will hopefully turn out :(the design)

Another Freebie, because it is that time of year. I caught boyfriend humming a christmas carol the other day even though he fervently believes in no christmas-songs until atleast December.

And, I made bunny a toy, because all day she has been sleeping next to me on the carpet while I have been sewing (she did that yesterday too, through 12 episodes of Bones season 7) and I thought she needed some stimuli. Now the carpet is full of hay. But I WON, because, she has been chewing on the twigs! And she never does that unless we hold them up for her to chew, apparently, twigs are not interesting on the floor by themselves. Can you see her little open mouth? I love my bunny. ^^

On a footnote, Ben did not win, but not my fault, I did vote once:P 
And something else that I have two of now (almost two of finished christmas-gifts, keep forgetting that the blue Star-Trek pattern is a birthday-gift), signed A1 cd's. Yay.

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