Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Naughty, me? Just dancing on the table with the other mice

Now that the cat is away.....

I made a start.  Actually I made several. Today I have had friends over, singing christmas-songs ( I sent boyfriend away, we drank christmas soda and ate mandarins and those are banned from the house before December 1st.)
and we were crafting. We ate some lovely soup and then we started cracking. Measuring, cutting, sewing, I even took out my little ironing board and ironed. 
( well to be honest, my friend ironed, my other friend cut and I sew, it was a veritable workshop.)
What we started on is a bit of a surprise, hopefully it will be a resounding success, at the moment I am not quite sure we will make something nice since machine sewing is a bit out of our turf.

 But look at all the nice colours?

I must confess I made a new start. ( I am ALLOWED, I had a finish the other day) It is another somebunny to love design - the rocking horse.

I am almost done with the carrot. ^^

A scissor fob, I bought this at the Bath Abby last summer. From the same series as This: 
(The company it is from is called textile heritage)
I hope this will be another Christmas present. And yes, it will come attached to a scissor. I am thinking something in the lines of the stork scissors.....
If you are about to leave me a message to tell me that I have been naughty hold on because, Yes, this is another start, but wait wait, I am allowed to make another start because, I have another finish. SO THERE!

I need to find some Halloween fabric and make this into a ornament. 

Oh, and did you know, my bunny has a lookalike! clickit The sofa kind of even looks like my granny-chair, a bit.  chotto

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Tinkerbell said...

I've tagged you to do a Thanksgiving post and write some things you are thankful for=)
You don't have to, but if you want to=)