Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bunny news

I was scolded. My friend said that after I had pledged to blog more I blogged even less, I told her that my followers would probably understand since bunny was ill and that I would be back shortly better than ever.

I was asked to tell the tale of how bunny was feeling now too, so here is a tail (hehe, gettit?) with lots of pictures:)
She went through two surgeries in three days. Back home after surgery number one here. That evening we had to call the emergency vet to give her more pain relief. 
She kept biting on her stitches so we put her in my expensive wool leggings.

 Bunny-jail. In the mandatory bunny-jail uniform. Fortunately the uniform was off after a few days. :)

In the dark weeks that was I was so sure she would not make it that I bought lots of kleenex. Took pictures everyday that I just sat and looked at trying not to cry in the twilight hours bunny watching. But now that she is much better I feel that I will not jinx it. (knock on wood).

 Here we are visiting bunny at the vet. She was very happy and gave us some tooth-purring:) I have no idea why she kept lying in the corner like that but I can assure you she was happy.

Then back home after two nights at the home of two of the veterinarians. Very happy with their service actually. And bunny parents got two nights of good sleep, which it turned out, we needed badly.
For over a week I have been on bunny night watch and boyfriend on bunny day watch. Feeding her and generally freaking out. Luckily that boyfriend is doing his masters and I am jobless at the moment then...

Here we are giving critical care to a less than pleased bunny.

She actually jumped up into my lap because she did NOT want more food. After looking into her mouth it seams she has some sore gums after the syringe feeding so no wonder she was so stubborn about it, but it was necessary because she did not eat enough grass, which we are thinking might be the reason she is going rampant on our wood furniture at the moment.

Digging and biting on mummy, hence the fleece blanket between us. But I did not take a hint and gave her more cc. Stupid bunny-mommy.

Look, someone is using her litterbox! 
(old picture actually, but I did not want to take pictures of her using it now in case I scared her off)

So. Apparently our bunny was feeling a bit depressed so the vet and we agreed that it would be better with a happy free roam rabbit with the occasional pee on the carpet, than a depressed one who peed in her cage and slept in it.

Within minutes of being let out of her cage her mood changed to a happier one. We even saw a half binky. So far she has only peed in her cardboardboxes and once on her matress. Which was not her fault. She was sleeping and suddenly she sat up, moved a bit. I rushed over and popped her into her toilet, but to no avail, she was done. My theory is bunny was sleeping and awoken by the need but she did not have time to reach her litter box and just sat unhappy doing her business. The vet said that since she had bladder surgery her bladder is now smaller and need to be emptied sooner so she just have to adjust.... I am sure she will manage. At least she is happy even if she stinks.
  ( I have bathed her she still stinks, sorry no pictures of that, we girls bathed by our selfs. No boy photographers allowed.)

 Look how happy and inquisitive she is now that she can run around the house? Suddenly every piece of wood in the house is hers and need to be bitten....


YowlYY said...

Hooray for Mimle! I can sympathise with you and the kleenex...been there too often, and it doesn't get any easier with time. It looks, however, as if all the kleenex will come in handy for the next winter and the next cold :)
Ear rubs to little Mimle and hopefully you can get her interested in nibbling at an apple tree branch, or soon bramble leaves...spring is said to start today, even if it is snowing now in the East Midlands. Still, let's hope it's the last of the winter!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Yes, and I always gets summer colds too:) unfortunately the weather men keep saying that we will have winter here for a while yet. Although it is sunny so who knows. But we bought Mimle lots of chew toys so hopefully she will chew up hers and not ours.

E2 said...

I think I have to scold you again :D

Vilje Vanilje said...

E2, yesok;) I blame the bunny.