Sunday, 10 March 2013

Late Bunday

As you can probably tell I am bunny sitting. The reason we are up all night is because we have to see if she needs more pain-killers. So far I think she can manage without. Still force feeding her, but the poops are coming. I think she is starting to dislike us. LOL. Everytime I pick her up and place her on the table for feeding time she shows her disgust in the frantically rearranging of the towels... Or biting my sweater....

Bunny on the toilet.
(we have not seen much blood in the urine today, so am happy)
She keeps trolling us, whenever she sees that we are coming she hops into the toilet because she knows we'll leave her be in case she is doing her business ).
Here is the critical care, boyfriend went and bough more syringes the other day, and look, they are purple.

I am actually a bit further on Henry than this picture says. I am done with the Tudor rose and the yellow on the left side too. Just on the leafs now.

My secret project. How about those purples? This is what I have been doing on my WiSp day.

And on Saturday, I finished this Easter piece. Next Ornament Onsdag, I will make it into an ornament. 
Currently I am gridding Frederick the literate. But I am frogging more than I get done. I think my brain is a bit tired. But atleast I am blogging on a device that has a dictionary and autocorrect so I don't really have to think....  Three more hours until boyfriend is up.


YowlYY said...

I hope Mimle is going to be back to her usual self soon! You're doing a great job in monitoring her in- and output, true bunny parents :) By the way, I love the Tudor cross stitch work you're doing!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you:) i love Henry VIII too. :)the colours on it is amazing. actually, one wife is done at last. So will probably blog again soon. Do you stitch or just knit?

YowlYY said...

I am a knitter, not very good at stitching (and cannot do cross stitch at all), and worse at crochet! We have something in common, though..we're bunny mums :)

Vilje Vanilje said...

Then we are opposites;) I am bad at knitting and sewing can only do crochet and cross stitch. Hehe. Yes, I knew you were a bunny mom since you came from the ravelry bunny group. :)