Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Home is not home without you

We still haven't heard anything new about the bunny. She survived the second surgery and is now in the home of one of the vets (actually a couple of the vets because they are a couple and so share a home). But no news is good news right?

Me and bunny after the surgery. She is so sweet. She even gave us one tooth purr.
The people there said she was so sweet and easy to handle. So obviously we are doing something right in the bunny socializing department.

This was bunny this morning. She did not want critical care and peed a lot as you can see, with blood. Apparently, it is the bladder that is the issue now, and they removed the abnormality in her uterus tract.

Home is not home without her, too quiet.

Want to see how much fur we've combed off bunny in a year? Soon, I think I will make something off it.... I might, since the fibers are so small, blend it with some other animals fur.

 I have tried to keep busy these days, whilst bunny-sitting through the night, I have read about fifty pages of the new J.K Rowling novel. Done 100 stitches on Henry in four days... And done the dishes once. But I have trouble concentrating, so nothing is finished. I kept forgetting to eat and drink.  I have even forgotten how to speak properly. And realized this morning that I hadn't showered since bunny got sick... I am not good at taking care of myself I guess. But bunny comes first.

My subscription of "World of Cross Stitching" came in the mail yesterday. Made a nice break.
And today the floss I needed for my secret project came. Four shades of purple, because I am altering a chart. Now, I am thinking that two of the purples ( DMC 502 and 503) are a bit too near each other colour wise, so I am thinking of blending 503 and 554, because in it self 554 is too bright... ( I only need three different shades of purple though) What do you think? All four colours are used in this picture.

 I know this is supposed to be ornament onsdag, but I know you will understand that I have not started on any because of Mimle. But, here is the ornament I want to make. By Lizzie Kate, my first chart by them too. I think I'll tweak this chart too by using some of my new bright floss. Spring really has that effect on people that they want to use bright cheery colours? For some reason I want to use yellow and it is my least favorite colour of them all. (except brown, but in my head that is not really a colour at all)

 And then, last year I bought this, I SOOO want to do it soon. Since Mimle is sick I might need easy patterns for a while, so maybe I can start this too?

 Since buying just some floss is silly, I bought a q snap thing. I am so far pleased with it. But I'll let you know as I progress.

I have turned nocturnal. I am not the least bit tired. 

Please Mimle?

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Claire said...

Poor bunny, lovely stitching.x