Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday Tunes Operation Complete

Bunny got some new chew toys, since she has such itchy teeth. Lets see if she understands that this tunnel is meant for moving through and not just nibble on. Usually she does not do tunnels because she is under the impression that her bum is too big. Such a diva.

 This is bunny chewing on her toy basket. Where she actually goes and picks out her toy(s) of the day and takes out. Too bad she does not put her toys back in. ;) I wish she was THAT clever.

I am solo close to finishing another head....

And as promised, the song of the week, I had such a hard time choosing, but the decision fell on this: Same group as last. Morning musume. Found a subtitled version that is almost correct. I am loving the lyrics to this too.

Oh, and E2, I finally am on track doing more blogging. Now you go;)

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