Sunday, 3 March 2013

I could not help myself and a new regime

Ganbare Bunny-chan

These past days bunny has not been feeling entirely well, so tomorrow we are going to the vet. Her tummy is full of fur, poor thing. She is a lot better today, I spent the entire night with her and constantly checking up on her poops. She is mostly sleeping, eating hay and pooping. Boyfriend is combing her everyday to help with all the excess fur, but it doesn't seem to help. She is asking for cuddles constantly with treats, but she is on a hay and water diet until the poops are normal. Thank GOD we only saw blood on Saturday. (we have been in telephone contact with the vet and since she is eating and pooping we are trying to see if she'll recover by herself)

And, I am done with the first page. Yay me. First Sami assignment sent in and first page done of four. Henry also has two legs now. I am going to make the crown between his legs before moving upwards. (and no, not that type of crown, hentai.)
I have been thinking about my goals, and if I can do 100 stitches a day of Henry, and send in my assignments in Sami, then, I still have time for a little wip wrangling? WiSp Sunday is still working out fine, but I want to have a finish soon. I need a finish, so, I am thinking about doing one of my secret projects a day too, after the mandatory 100 stitches of Henry. 

I am waiting for some floss for my 2nd secret project. I'll give you a sneak peek when I get them.
(the first secret project is still secret and still not done)

And I've bought Frederick, I could not help myself.
Some little birdie made a request for it, so I bought it.

This is a chart I made ages ago, but one I thought was gone and dead and buried. I found a picture of it, and felt so happy that I had to share, because I think this is one of my best. 
After the disk died all my charts went to heaven, so I have to redo the ones I have snaps of, later. We are still waiting for my new computer and when that arrives I'll start something new.

The New Regime:
I want to make teamed blogpost, and I want to blog a bit more too.

Monday: Monday Blues, nothing
Tuesday: Tuesday Tunes, I'll show you what I am singing to at the moment, just for fun.
Wednesday: Ornament Onsdag (Onsdag is wednesday in Norwegian, struggling I know) I want to make ornaments for christmas so I am starting now, with the odd ornament just for fun. Next week I am starting a easter ornament I think.
Thursday:  Thor's day. Nothing.
Friday: Freebie Friday, I will show you a chart I made
Saturday: I'll be home stitching.
Sunday: Will still be WiSp Sunday and Bunday, showing off my bun. ^^

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