Monday, 25 March 2013

Two- faced

Hello. Did you know who is the bossiest of all the bosses? Someone was adamant that I not blog yesterday, she wanted cuddles before bed-time, and who can say no to a face like that?
Also did you know there is someone here who loves cuddles? Actually someone demands cuddles. We have a cat-toilet (Shh! don't tell the bunny) next to the sofa and she jumps up on it and stares at you until you do your bunny-slave job and gives cuddles. Then she turns into the famous bunny-blob.

 Even though she makes faces like this, she loves it. The person cuddling her is Alien-chan my boyfriend. (also called the bunny-dad). After I started to wear my new glasses she does not give me enough kisses, apparently she does not approve of glasses, so I guess it is back to lenses?

Oh, yeah, lets talk about cross stitch, contrary to bunny's beliefs this is not a bunny blog but a crafting blog. But don't tell her that either. So. Onto Henry.

On Henry, I have finished another face and am well into the "Flanders Mare" face. At least that's what her husband called her.... Isn't history fun?
I do feel like I am making progress and am well into my 100 stitches a day. But I do tend to forget about Sunday WiSp day. But yesterday, I was not at fault. Because we had visitors. :) Boyfriends aunt came over for dinner and waffles. Any excuse to not diet?  And apparently today is international waffle-day, so it fitted. When she left we were so pooped we just went to bed.  (After the afore mentioned bunny-cuddles of course.) 
We blame the sleepiness on bunny for being such a morning person and getting us up at ungodly hours. Ex. around 7 am on a Sunday. She was nice, the day before was around 6 am...

And remember Frederick? After I gridded him I thought about when I should do him, since he (also, along with secret project 2) is on a time-limit. I am trying to keep my Wips in place, honestly, but more just appear out of nowhere. Like a Snorlax. Sorry.
Then I thought, since he is on black aida, maybe an hour in the morning when the sun is shining right into our living room area? Just one hour mind you, before Henry-time.

(I have only made about 35 stitches so I did not bother to take a picture, but this is how he is supposed to look finished)
I have started on the shelf between his front and back paw.


E2 said...

Ooooo I wouldn't cross her!

But she is looking much better :)

Vilje Vanilje said...

She is pretty much back to her old bossy self:) thankfully.

Cheryl Armstrong said...

So bunnies are as demanding as cats and dogs then? He he I've never had a bunny she does look much better though. G;ad she's back to her 'usual' self.

Well done on Henry progress. I love Frederick. Can't wait to see him progressing. I love designs stitched on black aida. They really stand out x

Vilje Vanilje said...

Yes Cheryl, bunnies are just as demanding as cats and dogs:) Hehe.. She does look much better, boyfriend and I try not to moan when she wakes us at dawn, because we wanted a healthy bunny and thats what they do even if we wanted to sleep more;)

Thank you, I feel like I am getting somewhere on Henry now. Finally, it was very slow going in the beginning but I am almost halfway now!

I love Frederick too, didn't get too much done today either, about 20 more stitches so maybe I should rethink the whole stitching whilst eating breakfast idea;)