Friday, 19 April 2013

Doing my own head in

With my own cleverness.

Do you love me? Now that I can dance?
Bunny was decorating, I only helped a little. Here she is demanding cuddles on the floor.
Sometimes when we walk past her she'll just plop into a ball next to us expecting cuddles and who can say no to that? She has indeed trained us well, I think.
Another thing she does; if your hand is nearby she'll position her head under my hand in the hope of cuddles. 

This week, boyfriend and I have started to watch QI. And it really is quite interesting.

Oh, onto Henry, he had to loose his head poor thing as I had mis-counted. That will teach him I thought, and promptly decided he would be headless until I had done everything else on him. Karma does come back and bite you in the head.

Look at that poor crease in my fabric... I miss my q snap, but I am using it on Fred, and he is behaving rather like a cat and sleeping for the most part. 

I have not done much designing, I am working on a veterinarian sampler at the moment, and instead of giving you heaps of bad designs I though quality over quantity. So you'll just have to wait.

As I am, I am waiting for "cute cross-stitch magazine". All the people in England have theirs, I want one too! I hate waiting.

Tormorrow I am going book shopping at the library with a friend, and on Sunday I hope to have finished all the cross stitches on Secret Wisp 2. 

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