Sunday, 7 April 2013

I promise, I know what day it is!

I do. Even If I don't have any WiSPiness to show you lot.
I do on the other hand have a lot of Fred, Henry and Bunny x2 to show for it.

 Look, another book down, a start on the next one. And look, I have started on the cat. :) I am still in love with this piece, but it needs daylight. And I am still not happy with the stiffness of the aida. And another thing, I don't know who the manufacturer of the floss is, but it is fraying alot... A lot like the free floss you get in the magazines. Maybe I have my threads too long, but I like them that way, and usually I don't get into trouble with them. So I will not change my ways.
I am dreading all the finishing touches on this one, because there is a lot of metallics, but other than that I think this will be a fairly easy project... Especially all the big blobs of colour already in a row;)

Yesterday I finished all the red on Henry's arm. And soon I think the brown will be done too. My mum is visiting tomorrow, so I doubt it will be finished then. But I hope to be soon. Almost halfway!
I know it is WiSP Sunday, and I promise, I have done some on one of them, but it is on secret project number 2, so sadly I can't show you, but I can show you my travel project instead. I don't travel much these days, but I will be traveling a little tomorrow, so I have made a start on this so it will be easier on the bus tomorrow;)
A Margareth Sherry design, and of course, a bunny. For me. Yes, I am making a bunny birthday card for myself, because I usually don't get any bunny cards. (sometimes I get one from my friends :) )
I was contemplating joining in a birthday exchange, but I don't want to have too much on my plate, need to finish my course first...

 Bunny has a new hobby. Jumping up on this crate. We keep her hay in one of them and the bedding in the one she is sitting on. Maybe she could smell it? But she likes being on top of things to look around. (The higher the better, she says, sometimes I think she was a cat and not a bunny)
 I can honestly say that she seems completely healed when she jumps that high. Look at her smug little face. (and please ignore the clutter).

And another sign that she is feeling fine. The bunny flop. :) We have a small inexpensive IKEA rug on the floor under the desk between boyfriend and me where bunny loves to nap when we are busy.
You can even see how much she has healed in the fur growing back on her tummy if you look closely.

Oh, yeah, and I have 13 followers now, yay, I am hoping to have a giveaway when I reach another milestone. Either 200 blogposts or 20 followers, whichever happens first. ;)
Or if a post gets 100 views a day;)
My last entry received 92 I think, so almost there;)


Mousie said...

Hello! I am working on Frederick as well and stumbled on your blog while doing a Google image search for him to show a coworker! I started at the bottom right corner and have the whole section of red books, most of his back legs and the two books furthest to the right on the top shelf. It's taking forever but I'm doing it as a gift for a friend. I hope you're enjoying it as well!

Mousie said...
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