Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday shines for you

Regarding the title, I know it is really monday. But I am allowed a bit of creative headlining? And technically this post is up so late in the day that it is monday anyway...
Today, the sun shone, Yay, I think spring is really coming out. And about time.

So, I did not stitch the entire set on this that I said I would, because I have not stitched much today, I have been doing housework. Which is a bit dull, and boyfriend and I have played on the PS3 which was very fun.
But I am planning to stitch abit more before bed. :)

 Look at Henry, I am done with all the grey's on him, finally, and all I have left is his arm. Now he does seem a bit disproportionate in this picture, I mean, who has such broad shoulders? But then again he might have padded them somehow... Like they did in the 80-90s. He was after all the most handsome man in all of Christendom at the time, so he might have had shoulders like boulders, or he might have had a foreseeing fashion sense and started the padded shoulder look before his time.

Look at my bunny. Just the backstitch to go.... Just like everybody else, I love this design, but I HATE the backstitching on it... But it is going to be so worth it, just like in all of Margaret Sherry's designs.
 I love her designs. :)
I have one of her books too, but there were far to little bunnies in the book, a shame because I think her bunnies are the best from her range. (but again, I might be biased) 

So. I took Fred out for a bit, but all the black on black action was starting to get me down. So I gingerly started on a book instead, can you see where I started? There is a LOT of blending of colours on this design. And I wonder what will happen if I run out of one colour since it is not done in anchor or DMC... Want to know something that almost threw me off Fred? The colour that is used the most in this kit is BLACK. I am serious, there was like six times more black than any other colour... I am hoping it will be worth it in the end, even if I feel bored at the moment.

When I am done with Secret Project Number 2, I have another design in mind. I found this from here. And I just could not help myself. I bought the magazine it came from on the ipad, and I am now in the process of kitting it up. I have also finally bought from sew and so those beads needed on Henry and since it is a bit stupid to just buy small things I bought a Just Nan limited edition bunny, because it just screamed to me.


Mousie said...

I found this conversion chart for Dimension thread (which is the brand of my Frederick kit) to DMC.

Vilje Vanilje said...

Wow mousie, thank you:) I don't have to worry about running out of floss now.