Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Chansu ga matteru

Your chance is waiting. 
Oh yeah. (You'll understand if you read the whole post;) 

 My beads have arrived and I have started beading, the beads are not really the right colours, instead of gold I got antic gold which looks more like mustard yellow, but it works and I have no intentions to buy more.... The white looks more clear and the red looks like bright christmas red and not the red from the picture. But I am a bit fed up with all the beads and knots and all, and just want to GET ON WITH IT! Hehe. And I realized that I am not done with the grey on Henry after all even if I have broadcasted it everywhere, because his arm is grey too. DUH. And I am not done with his reds either, because, well, his clothes in the left corner is not done yet. What was I thinking about when I said I was done with both the red and the grey on Henry but still knew he was not done. You can see that with half an eye that he is lopsided and not done.... I must have been thinking he was done everywhere except his head. And I do know his head does not utilize red or grey, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Another book down too. This was a goal I kept, so I am feeling happy and accomplished. (never mind that I did all that book sewing on Sunday and completely forgot WiSP Sunday AGAIN). We'll just pretend that didn't happen and continue to bask in the glory of a job well done.
I have started on the bird, which is this weeks goal. 
Tomorrow is a holiday so I will spend the entire day in stitching. Yay.

 We found some wild yummies for bunny today, and she was very thankful. First dandelion of the year.
I like living in a small town, no one is around looking weirdly at me when I find some edibles for the bunny in a ditch and precariously hold my shopping bags (this always happen when my arms are full anyway) and bend over in a ditch.... I must look very idiotic, but I don't know because no one has been around to tell me. (except boyfriend but he does not dare to tell me I look ridiculous.) But free treats for bunny is always nice, too bad we found them after buying herbs for her...
Almost home today, MIL was standing at the mailbox carrying free cake. YAY! Wish she had come before we went to the store, would have saved us buying cake;)

One of two Hello!Project song on my mind: I love this. This is Zoku Biyuden, not that I don't love old Biyuden, but since this  video had "Only you" AND "koisuru ANGEL heart" I had to choose this.

Ah, I wish I could go to France this summer and see the girls in C-ute. (yup, that is the groups name, not to be confused with this group that is singing, because as stated that is  Zoku (new)Biyuden, with two Morning Musume members (one of them has already graduated and not the one who is tone-deaf :X) and one Berryz koubou member.

I'll show you a proper music video, from morning musume. I hated the song when it was released, but I find myself singing to it daily... So I had to include it. Can you find the two members from the song above?

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