Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tuesday Indecisiveness Tunes

So, I am going to show you what song I am into this week. 
But to be honest I just could not get it down to just one. Last week I decided that I would feature the next song on the double sided single, since it is Tanaka Reina's last single and all. But there were so many song this week that have been on constantly in my headphones.
 So. I will show you all three of the song I have on my mind.

And yes, they are all japanese and all from the same company, but they are three different groups.

(there was one more song stuck in my head, still japanese, but not from Producer Tsunku's mind and I could not find a decent video, so I will continue to search and one day maybe I can show you.)

First. Morning Musume:
The start is so lame I am loving it. The dresses is supposedly making them look like swans... And poor Masaki made a mistake ( yes, I know their names, and all the members from 1998 until today, I am such a fan)

 And then there is c-ute. I love this group. The dance is kind of cool and awkward at the same time, my kind of dance.....


 And, this group is totally new, finally Karin is in something good! Juice=Juice new single out today.
Karin is the one in the dweeb shirt;) 


And lastly, a picture of my Frederick progress, I am hoping to finish one book a week.
And the yellowish blob on the far right shows I am right in thinking I can do this because that is book number one.

Bunny has switched from morning laps to evening laps around the house. I prefer my bunnies to not be morning persons. But I guess when she is not let out of her pen until we get up she has limited choice in when to exercise. ;)

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