Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sparkling Sillyness

See, I did know it was that time of the week again! I have done a little on my secret WiSP 2.

Someone on the forum asked about the aforementioned sparklies and since I am sure I am not the only one in love with glittery things I will now talk about it.

I counted and there are three different types of sparkly floss in this kit. 
(the kit's name is a secret until at least may so if you have not guessed what it is you have to be kept in suspense until that time). 
The one used here in the pink to blend with. I like blending with sparklies, especially this type of thread as it is very thin and somewhat flat so it looks great blended. I must say, this is the second time I've used them and last time I had lots left over and they looked wonderful in a card I made, so I was contemplating getting more of this wonder thread that did not come with any other name than glitter in the kit... (If anyone here knows the name of it then I will be very happy and making glittery cards forever).
But I must warn you, it is a nightmare to work with, so use super short threads. Because it sticks to everything and will not lie in its place, it really need a lot of cajoling.

 Another type that you can see in this picture underneath and in-between all the purple, and that is called Kreinik silver. (which was my favorite) It did not frey one bit and glided through the fabric easily. The added bonus is that it looks fantastic!
  I will definitely buy lots of this, if I can figure out what size I need to buy.
The last type of sparkly threads I have not yet started on as it is used in the backstitch, but it is simply black speciality threads by DMC, and I've used that before, and I loved it! It does have a tendency to stick to the fabric, and not in a good way, and it frays easily, so again, keep it on a short leash.

Over to something else that should have been kept on a short leash....
Did I mention that I was feeling a bit under the weather today? I was so sick mind you, that I have not eaten a chocolate the entire day! So boyfriend went to his parents alone and I tried to stitch at home. I unpicked about half. But there you go. I could atleast watch my favorite program whilst unpicking, and in the middle of my show go and play at the computer and listen to music. (boyfriend can not stand my indecisive multitasking.) So all is well that ends well.
Fred had a break today.

Bunny is not happy with me today, as in her eyes, she has NOT gotten enough cuddles. But every time I try to she is not interested, but when I am busy she is desperate for kisses. This is the face I see when I look down as she is nudging my foot.

 She has gotten a new toy. And basil, which she loves, so she is mostly happy, although the tunnel is not used for tunneling but eating..... #Sillybunny.

And she is not content with just sitting near it/inside it/beside it and eat, no, she is frantic about eating the whole tunnel. But no tunneling. I could have just gotten her some branches from outside, it would have been far less expensive. But boyfriend and I felt she needed a present for staying alive through two surgeries....


Cheryl Armstrong said...

Your bunny is the most looked after, spoilt bunny in the entire world :) She should be a very happy bunny. They never do use things for what they are meant to be used for do they? I love your secret project and the metallic thread. Metallic thread does irritate me. I've got lots of Madeira metallic thread and some of it is beautiful I have pinks, purples, reds, greens, gold, silver etc. I did make one card using the silver and it came out really well. It is just a pain to work with I find. Well done though, yours looks very neat x

Vilje Vanilje said...

Yes, she is rather spoiled, but boyfriend and I agree about that being the point in having animals, to spoil and love;)

And free things are much better than store bought, and my things are better to chew on than hers;) silly animals;)

I love it too;) I think I am going to switch to madeira metallics because they irritate me less for some reason. I used metallics in one of the cupcakes, made it look even more scrumptious than before, you should try it!

Vilje Vanilje said...
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