Friday, 12 April 2013

Party all night long Friday

It is really beginning to spring here. This week I saw the first little wildflower by the road. Other excitement followed where boyfriend and I was almost killed by a falling piece of lumber. The working people had failed to put up signs that they were working. And suddenly while we were minding our own business and walking we heard some frantic whistling and yelling, and boyfriend dragged me by the side. Apparently a little while later he heard a bang where the falling lumber had fallen. I was still busy thinking about all that wood for the bunny to chew....

Boyfriend and I have been playing a lot of Rayman lately for the playstation, so it has been cutting into my stitching time. But I have done some more black on Frederick. Hard to see black on black, but I promise I've done alot.

Secret WiSP 2. A small preview. If anyone recognizes this piece please keep it to yourself until may;) But I just had to show all the sparkling shiny threads. I am a sucker for sparkly things.

I have cheated a bit to start on Henry's head. I felt he would become a bit less scary with a head, but I think I might be mistaken. He looks very ghostlike. And he wasn't even beheaded!

Freebie Friday! A kokeshi. I love Kokeshi's.  And for some reason, they felt springy so I wanted to do one in green. I probably should have made a kappa to boot, since we are in the green japanese corner. But maybe next time. If anyone asks for one;)

And bunny got a branch of her own to chew. She wanted to sit in her cage whilst chewing so. I complied. :) I love my bunny! Even if she chews on my furniture.

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