Monday, 1 April 2013


 Today on the blog: Update on Henry, Frederick and the long awaited review of my beloved q snap. Some complaining of a certain company and some bragging about another. Anecdotes about your favorite bunny and a promise. All illustrated by bad mobile phone pictures and spelling mistakes by yours truly.

All Heads look this way!

 All heads on Henry's right side are done! Yay! But to be honest I am struggling a bit with Henry, he just does not capture me in the same way his wives do. Might be all the greys. Might be his daunting size... Might be his all around beheading and disposing of his spouses. Might be simply because he does not have a nice dress. I love sewing dresses in pretty colours....

Soon I am going to order the beads to finish everything on this side, before starting on the other side. 
 I have completely given up getting an answer from DMC and there is no way I am going to call them all the way over there in France. I can't even speak french, and I am pretty sure they do not understand Norwegian. SO thats why I will yell at them on the blog instead. Oh heads will roll, I am not pleased with DMC in this kit and their customer service. So there. 

Oh, remember that my Mac-Stitch program was lost when the computer died? Well, the nice people over at Ursa sent me a replacement copy. So tomorrow I will be back to charting some more designs which hopefully will look a bit better. ;)  I am head over heals with this prospect.

Here is my start on Frederick. I am completely done with the shelf between his legs now.
I am hating on the fabric, it is so stiff it is standing on its own when I put it down. That can't be a good sign? I hope it will be better after some handling, but meanwhile it is making me cry. I couldn't even get it to sit tight in a normal hoop, I had to use the q snap and am struggling to place it....
Surprisingly the black aida is not giving me any trouble, just good lighting and something white on my lap and there we go. Last black aida failure might be because I was doing it without natural light....?

Can you see the q snap it is attached to?
I looove q snaps! Easy to put on (unless the fabric is being a pain in the head), and leaves absolutely no marks, I even forgot my stitching in it over night with my stitches covered by the plastic clamps and nothing. No distortion, no creases, nothing. Yay! Since I am lazy to take my stitching off hoops this is a heaven sent item. 

I might swap this picture with a better bunny one later;) But this was the only one on my mobile and I am too lazy to get out the regular camera. Maybe a nice headshot? Or maybe a full figure of bunny in action?
This day she let us sleep late too, so pretty happy. And all we had to do was make her a little more space to roam in at night. Yay. If we keep this up we are headed for success in the sleeping full nights department.

Easter is almost over. And there is even candy left over. We did have a visit from the easter bunny. Did you?

Oh, and I am NOT a day late. I just forgot it was Sunday yesterday... I blame it on the easter, all days are the same, at least when they only have names like easterday and not names like Longfriday ( the Norwegian name translated it is Good-Friday in English) which makes remembering what day it is much easier. Who can remember what day it is when it is vacation anyway?


Claire said...

Love your blog, made me laugh.And Henry is looking good.x

Cheryl Armstrong said...

Great blog post as always. You do make me laugh :) Very witty sense of humour you have there. Your progress with Henry and Frederick is coming all in leaps and bounds so keep up the good work. Enjoy all your choccies. Unfortunately, the Easter bunny didn't stop here! x

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you Claire:)

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you Cheryl:)

What the easter bunny didn't stop at your house? He was even early at our house? Maybe someone gave him adult chocolate or something and he just plain forgot;)

In fact I think I will take you up on that and enjoy some chocolate right now;)

Cheryl Armstrong said...

Nope the easter bunny seems to miss us out. I usually buy myself and OH an egg each but wasn't able to until it was too late and there were no eggs left. Oh well there's always next year. Enjoy your eggs :) x