Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Seven to go

Another segment from the "not so secret Secret Project number 3".
Seven left.

I finished this little guy in three evenings. Boyfriend and I have been watching season 1 of "Fringe" and it is really exiting. I have to do something simple while I watch that show because there is a lot going on that I don't want to miss, so the other men are staying behind.

While I am on the subject of my other men, I found out that the event I am doing Fred for is going to get another present, which means I can do him just for fun and gift him when finished and not at a specific event. Very good too, since I am still not halfway through.

And Henry is having a rest.

Mimle has gotten a new box because in the other box she had been naughty and peed in it:P I will try and take a picture of her new home. Bunny says it is a lot more like a home now that she has wrecked the place up a bit as I say, and home-decorating as she would have said.

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