Sunday, 21 July 2013

Three to go

Another one is finished, I know that I should be doing WiSP day today, but I just did not feel like it and wanted to finish another piece. Which I did, and now, there is three. And some border left.

I was home alone this weekend, and bunny and I watched about seven episodes of Criminal minds each day. She was even a sofa bunny in between. It has been really hot these past few days, too hot in fact to do anything but sit still and drink something cold. Even bunny was in hiding more than usual.
She has been flopping on the floor until way past midnight and then started chewing on the table and under the sofa just to show me that she was lonely without my boyfriend present and maybe because of the "bad" weather;) Neither of us deal with heat well, so we just turn into blobs and hope for the evening when it is possible to do something.

Sorry for the boring post, apparently, heat makes my brain melt too.

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