Friday, 5 July 2013

Snailing by Friday

I didn't really do any more on Henry this past week. I just finished my page and then had a bit of indecisiveness on exactly where to continue. Should I redo the Tudor-rose that had a small mistake, should I finish Henry, should I continue down the lady's dress or to the left? Too many choices, so my mind refused to think about it any more and so I picked up "Fred" and we had a lot of fun until it was dark and I took out "Almost Perfect". As you can probably see, they have been on a rotation, those two. Steadily working on Fred while it being light and bright and taking out the angel when it was raining or nearing bedtime. (and sometimes even going to bed while it was still dark!). 

Another book is almost done. Think I will finish in another week, if you can see the horizontal line then you can see how much further I have to do in that direction. When that portion is finished I am 1/4 parts through. Still not looking forward to the backstitching on this one:P

I have started on the dreaded backstitching on this. Just because. Look, the naughty one is peaking! I love his innocent look.

Today boyfriend and I bought a used little table for my Wip's. So they don't clutter up the table when I decide to switch to another stitch in the middle of another movie. I like the old look, and it's ricketiness. Boyfriend is hoping my things will stay in this table and not slowly expanding onto the other table. I think it is futile as everybody knows stash expands rapidly.

We saw another little guy. With Zebra stripes, but he was not using the zebra-crossing so I hope he arrived safely where ever he was going and avoided the cars:P


Filthy Smithereen said...

I am very fascinated by that snail, I've never seen one like it before :P cooool~ xD and also, very cute table. :)

Vilje Vanilje said...

It was just right outside the house. I called him Tiger, but I am not sure what type of snail he is.... I've never seen him before either.

They have another table just like it at work if you want to match;)