Saturday, 13 July 2013

Six to Go

I finished another bit of this not-so-secret Project number 3 on Friday, but as we were at a gathering (yes, I do stitch everywhere) and came home late I did not put up this post until today.
I almost forgot half the background too, but I worked around it;) And it looks fine now.

It is really hot in these parts of the woods so boyfriend and I (who just started my vacation) have not been much up and about lately, mainly just sitting on the sofa watching "Fringe" (may be the reason why we plowed through season 1 in one week) and sewing (me). Mimle is a couch potato too, but under and not on the sofa, just dozing off in the heat and not becoming active until sundown. When she     
insists on fun activities... 

Anyway, tomorrow I am hoping to do some WisPing and maybe a little work on my boys too.
Even if I am really in love with the not-so-secret project number 3 and want to do that constantly.
I will stick to my plan!
(If I don't revise it)

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