Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One to go

It is Ornament Onsdag, and I have bought an ornament so one day in the near future I will start it. But since I am being a good girl and finishing my Wips and WiSPs I am not going to start anything until I have finished at least one! And since I have only one segment left on my "not so secret project number 3" I know I can manage. The goal is in sight. After the last small part I have only a little tweaking left.

 Then I will start something new! I have two choices: My new kit from Sweden that I bought last Saturday and the rabbit magnet ornament (pic). Now, what to start, the planning is a lot of fun isn't it? That and deciding who to give it to and of course stash-building, nothing can top that!

In other news bunny and I are home alone and bunny is NOT pleased. One less hand to pet her, one less hand to hand over treats and one less leg to lick. She satisfied herself by letting me know I was not a good substitute and sitting on boyfriends chair and licking. I tried to call for her and she gave me a look of disgust and left to under the sofa with lots of feet-flicking. I know when I am not wanted so I ate some chocolate and felt sorry for myself.

I have listened alternately to the thunder and jpop, happily the same three songs on repeat. There are some pros to being home alone after all. Bunny agreed and jumped up into the sofa with me. When boyfriend is home the sofa is way to small for such a big bunny says my 1.5 kilo bunny.

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