Saturday, 6 July 2013

Yes, yes, it is a new beginnig

Look at these lush colours. I must say that Bothy threads have really wonderful colour-combinations. Not that Henry lacks in that department either, his colours are wonderful too.

Yes, yes, it is a new start. But I did tell you guys that since Gorjuss was done I needed something small, and folks, this is it. This took me about two evenings, so I think it might be a quick stitch, just like I hoped.  And yes, it is "Secret Project Number 3", the not so secret one. That backstitching was a breeze too, took me no time at all. Now only eight more to go. 

Bunny contemplating hopping onto the sofa, but saw me and instantly ran off. Now that I am sitting in front of the computer I can hear someone suspiciously digging from over there. About time to give her some expensive hay with extra flavours, so she'll leave me and the sofa alone while I finish off here. 

I think I will take out Henry now and see if there is a certain part of him that screams loader than another for me to start on.

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