Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Aah, Lets not just see the wood for trees?

It is Tuesday Tunes day. I think, it is vacation time for me so I am not overly confident that I can tell the days apart....

I truly love this song, it has been going on repeat the entire weekend :) It is very summery and sweet. I like how it is really japanese as well.

Up Up girls

I love the fact that Mori (meaning wood) is singing about mori mori... Very punny.
Oh, how I love puns. And she is green too, the punage.

I haven't really followed this group, but after seeing this, their first MV, I must say, I think I should....
Mori (the green one) and Konatsu (the pink one ) are my favorites. Yes, I already have favorites, I kind of like Saho Akari too (yellow) even if I sometimes forget her name and call her Aho (meaning stupid, oops, sorry.)

I used to like her way back when she was in Aa! 2, with Airi and Miyabi, ahh, that song was great!

Anyway I will be back with more stitchy stuff shortly.

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