Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tuesday One for the One.

I am hoping it is Tuesday and time for tuesday tunes. Anyway. I am rather exited for this song actually.
My favorites from both Berryz Koubou and C-ute singing a waaaay overdue duet. 

The - Fu part is the best, but the -Ah part is not that bad either, the dance is rather pleasing too. I like that they actually have a background, but what does that motorcycle have to do with anything is beyond me.... Another thing beyond me is what that "One for the One" line means.

 For those of us who remember W and their covers of The Peanuts and Pink Lady, this song has the same feeling. I can so picture Tsuji and Kago singing this. They always looked a bit more like twins than Sugaya and Suzuki though. (Since they are singing about twins in the song). But if Risako had a black wig they might look more like sisters, maybe not identical twins...

I think we have another contender in the harmony- department, after Tsuji-Kago there was no one to pick up the legacy. Dia Lady is great, not as great as GAM or W, but they might come far, and if Tsunku never gives Kudou and Satou a duet I fear we will suffer the loss of such great harmonies...
Also if Tsunku pairs Kudou and Satou up for a duet then we have another fun paring almost akin the infamous two-top! 

I have finished another portion of my "not so secret project" and I will show you in another post.
And then there is one.


Elisabeth said...

This made me nostalgic for W ^^,

Vilje Vanilje said...

I think that is the main reason why I love this song, it just screams old W. :) It is strange to think that little Kago is married and have a daughter and Tsuji is married with three children :S Weird:p

The song is out on Itunes at least, I think I will actually buy a digital copy:P

(I am pretty sure though, since this is not a Tsunku song that it was not on W's third album, the one that was never released, also, since it sounds a lot more like old W it is not likely that they would go back to an old sound after Miss love tantei, the last single. It just sounds like an old W song without being an unreleased one I think). But I love it nonetheless.