Thursday, 13 March 2014

In other news

Sorry I have been a bit awol. But I have been busy, mostly with my crochet, but I haven't really that much to show for it yet, but I will post when it is finished. :) I have decided that my alpaca blanket needs another row so it will be wider. Bunny and I have been busy taking afternoon naps as well.

I have made this little guy from the latest Cross Stitch Card Shop. I really liked him. And look at the lovely tablecloth boyfriend bought for me. It has everything! It is Springy, has a bunny, a crochet border and dots! I LOVE it. Even if yellow and green are two of my least favorite colours I somehow seem to gravitate towards them when spring is coming….

I have also made something for another swap, but I can't show that until it is sent and received;) But I can tell you it is cross-stitched and easter themed, and this may shock you, but I did not make a bunny this time o.0

Yes, we have a new sofa, the old one sort of died. But this one is almost the same, except it is not as roomy underneath says bunny, but she still hides under there for her afternoon nap.
I have made another few rows of this blanket. I have no idea how long it will turn out to become as it is really slow going and all those yarn ends that will need weaving in later…. Also some of the yarn as I have said before is nearing an end, so I will either try to find replacements or finish it when there is no more yarn left. We'll see how patient I am. 
Which usually I am.

Also, we are really happy here in the basement lately because boyfriend has got a job. He starts on monday. These are indeed lighter times.

One of my friends have an older relative who knew I crocheted, she has almost finished this duvet cover, two panels are completely done, and two started. To have it on a single bed it need six panels but she didn't think she could finish it and passed it on to me. I love filet crochet and even if white somehow makes me feel a little colour deprived it could be a nice pause from the very colorful blanket above:) This will truly be the year of the blankets. Sorry for the bad pictures, even if it is sunny since we live in a basement the pictures usually suffer.

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