Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tuesday Miyavi

So, this is Japanese, like most of the music I love, but J-rock was something I loved before J-pop, even if j-pop is what I currently listen most to. But then my favorite bands disbanded or changed directions, although all of Miyavi's singles can be said is a different genre, luckily I recently rediscovered Miyavi, too bad I didn't do it in time, because last week he had two concerts in two of my neighboring countries. Oh, how I wish I could have gone. Not that we have the spare money, so let's hope he does another European tour next year.
But I have seen him live once, so I will not be devastated if I can never see him again….
Oh, and somehow he has new tattoos on his torso where one of his best tattoos used to be. And no more lip ring:S

Oh, Miyavi, you are so random.
I love the lyrics to this song btw.  

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