Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kpop Tunes and dance covers

What has Vilje been listening to lately?
Well, Kpop, I have been really experimental lately and listening to something that is not Japanese and not even female :P

I just love the dance:) And the video is so like a scary movie:P And the clothes are perfectly silly and fun. I like things that are funny and silly. My favorite part of the dance is the poses they do when they sing ho! I plan on doing that every chance I get.

And for those of you who watched a lot of Ylvis and the fox, this is the band that they danced with on MAMA 2013. Although I love the first dance and song better than this one (This one is called Bar Bar Bar), I guess I have to show you the Ylvis clip too. Crayon Pop is going to be a starting band for Lady Gaga on her tour too I hear, that would be worth going to see…

I have one more song to show you that I really love, and I want to show you how I found these groups in the first place. As most of you know I love a group project that is called Hello!Project, and they have this group that does dance cover videos of other korean groups. And here are two videoes of that, first is Crayon Pop UFZS dance battle and the second

is a korean boy group called 2pm and their song "I'll be back", boyfriend is so tired of this song poor thing… So I try to listen to it when he is not home. My usual listening to a song for four hours while I do everything else can be tiring even if you like the song and even if I use headphones because I like to drown out all other noises, I really need some noise canceling headphones, oh well. For now I listen at night and while he is out. Bunny doesn't seem to care if I listen to one song or twenty as long as she gets her treats.

But I must confess that I love watching people who is dressing  outside of their usual gender.
UFSZ  dancing in this looks a bit more "manly"  and stiff than usual, but some of them should have learned the lyrics better if they were planning to lip synch:P I know singing a language you are not used to is difficult, but they should have practiced a little more on that anyway, if I shall be nit-picky.

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