Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Start and a Story

I deceided to show you a preview, currently I am cross-stitching a card for someone that came in World of Cross Stitch number 214. So far all you can see is a bird and some scattered brown dots.
And I do not have to justify small starts like this because cards are always allowed, so there!
I haven't really much to show for the past few days, we have been on a couple of walks, trips to the store, done some housework.

Oh, and Mimle almost died.
Silly bunny ate pellets yesterday and almost choked on them. She is a ravenous little bunny who loves food. Honestly sometimes I think she thinks she is a hamster the way she stuffs her cheeks full without chewing. Anyway she was munching away on a really big pile of pellets stuffed in her mouth when I saw she was having trouble, she started to spit the pellets out and I saw her looking like someone who wanted to throw up. I knew something was wrong and went to put her up to perform the bunny heimlich , but before I could reach her she shot under the sofa. Boyfriend helped me to get her out from under there and I studied her in my arms. She seemed fine, she breathed normal and her lips and nose looked a healthy pink. I opened her mouth and saw only teeth so I assumed she was ok for now. 
I studied her for a few more minutes where she was back to eating hay with pellets in between, (as opposed to before where she was munching them up from the floor without chewing).
I called the emergency vet who said that since she could breathe and was not yet dead she was most likely fine. If there was something unthawed in her belly it would be pellets and easily digested so I was not to worry. He also told me what to do if it happened again.

Mimle is on a no pellet diet for a while now, and minimal treats too, because she has apparently not learnt her lesson and eats treats with the same vigor and no thought to chewing.

And just to be on the safe side, she will soon go to her annual vet appointment and I will have them look at her teeth thoroughly, just in case…

Stupid bunny, I think my pulse has barely gotten stable.

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