Sunday, 2 March 2014

I like my buns

in all shapes and forms, the edible kind and the huggable kind.
  (to be honest it is more like the cuddling when bunny demands and otherwise stay on hand to give edible treats to her).

It is "Fastelaven", so we made buns, with cream and ate them. I much prefer the dough to the buns myself, but that is just because I take good care of my inner child.

While I was baking and making food I cut my finger a little, and it was hard to crochet, so I took out this little project that I never got around to tell you about. (I guess I felt I needed more finished before I could justify another start, but this is the year of the blankets indeed, so here it is, a knitted blanket.)

My variegated thread knitted blanket.

I am practicing my stitches, I want them to be neat. I am also practicing my starting, which I always seem to forget how to do, so I always have to google the casting on part. Casting off is easy. My friend and I agree that I am now so good at knitting that it is time to do something other than just squares. But squares are nice for those days where your head really is on a vacation. This week has been like that, so I have gotten many squares done. And some on my crochet blanket too, but I have not yet attached them so I will show those another day.

Another arrangement. I have only sewn together seven squares at the moment. So I have no idea how big this will turn out. But my wish was to make something that sort of look like the master blanket. An unholy mix match of colours, but in the same yarn size and material. So I went through my stash and saw all these threads.. Most are from when I made the Granny Square Slippers four years ago.

And since it is Bunday:
Here is Mimle who was not very interested in my photographing my finishes. There were no treats involved, the cruelty!

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