Sunday, 16 March 2014

Planning ahead

So, boyfriend and I are getting married sometime. In a year or so, we'll see, and since I like being prepared I have started looking around for ideas and things. Boyfriend likes to be prepared too though, he just isn't as vocal. 
As I love crafting I knew I wanted to make some of the things myself to make it feel more me, I think it is better to have lots of time, that way I can test ideas and make things for fun and not be too stressed about it. Granted I am not crazy so just a few things will be handmade, and some will only be half handmade I guess. But one of the things I found I wanted was a flower bouquet in yarn. I want crochet flowers (or knitted) in pinks and white. With some leaves scattered about. Here is where I got the idea from: Follow me.
Boyfriend and I on our first vacation together.

And I thought it would be even more special if some of the people I know and love would make one or two too. So if you want to help make a wedding bouquet here is your chance. You have plenty of time, just let me know if you make any. I might even have other collaborations as well later if I find something else I want.

Boyfriend and I on roller skates around our first apartment.

My friend also gave me this link and wondered if that was something to make on our wedding.
Boyfriend and I agree that we need to have this as well, hopefully it is not too difficult so we better start practicing. ;)

And I do have a secret cake decoration thing that I bought just before Christmas, we are actually thinking multiple cakes so no cake topper. Then people can bring their own and people with intolerances and allergies know what cakes to eat and which is best to keep away from and everybody will hopefully have some cake that they like. Oh, except not nuts, no nuts at the wedding.

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