Friday, 26 February 2016

Finished Friday

Of the last bit of Lanett wool I had in this colour I made a small pouch to hold my stuff at the wedding. I used this pattern, I made it as big as my phone and then I made the drawstring, I also made two extra rows of shells at the top since my pouch was rather big, it just looked better.
It also matches the shrug I finished yesterday and M's wedding vest.

I made the bottom double so that my heavy phone both fits and won't distort my pouch too much. I am quite pleased with it and it was finished in a jiffy.

Now I am thinking about making this in the alpaca I have in the same colour, that way I don't have to do anything fancy with my hair, which I think is a stellar plan!

We are going to a wedding soon and the bunnies are ecstatic, another plaything in the living room! But we have a good bunny sitter so I think they will be fine staying home.
And yes, I need all those things, I need yarn, cross stitch kits, books, water colour set, pencils, markers, iPad, mp3 player and card games because you never know. Because you never know I also always bring almost any kind of clothing from wool to summer shirts. And I always end up using most of my items so there. Lucky for the wedding I have brought both an umbrella and raincoat so now there won't be any rain!

Mimle and I are mostly satisfied staying home, it is Valmin who is the explorer.
Here is Mimle staying on the sideline watching, another thing we have in common, we prefer watching rather than participating until we are sure it is safe! 

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