Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Merry Valentine

 And in Norway today is also Mother's day! Yay. So happy Mother's day.
Aishiteru anata. <3
M and I celebrated a little yesterday too, since he had forgotten my present at the post office. I got a lovely bunny calendar and chocolate. Bunnies gave me a mothers day present too, a heart bowl to put my candy in.
only in white, my mother also got one, but she got the matching mug too and chocolate, the doily and   two heart coasters.
bilder lånt fra Nille.

I made fourteen of these little hearts, two for M for Valentines and the others to family for their birthdays which we are on our way to now. Fourteen hearts and one doily helped me to use up 97 grams of yarn. ^^ Mostly scraps and Søstrene Grene cotton.

Bunnies are not so lovey-dovey today, as they are having a siesta and sieastas are best when single apparently. But the other day I caught them playing tag with lots of binkyes and ending with kisses so they are good.

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