Sunday, 21 February 2016

Playing catch up

This weekend has been busy! 
On Friday I hung out with a friend drinking coffee and eating cake. It was nice, a few days before I dreamt that said friend and I ate lots of cake because our local café had a pay for two get three cake sale so we got three cakes each. I did splurge a little and got cake, waffle and hot chocolate but that is still less than three cakes so not that bad and I ate it all with a happy face so it was totally worth it.

Saturday M and I went to the city in the snow. 

We had to but presents and an extra suitcase for our trip.
It did seem like everyone was enjoying the snow, we saw some snowman building, sledging and just general fun, although this snowman in particular seemed like he would have preferred a little less fun.

We shopped a little yarn, I mean if you look at all that wonderful cheap cotton yarn how could you not end up buying some? I haven't tallied my loot yet so I am not sure how many balls of yarn went home with me....

Then we met up with some of M's colleagues and did some card gaming.

We brought a sort of Norwegian cards against humanity game, bucket of doom and there was even a game with a lot of counting and diamonds and a river that I forgot the name of, but I have a picture.

And then, wait for it... We had dinner, sushi! Yay! So this week I got my fish ration  nailed.
  (since I may or may not have been treated with sushi on Friday too because it was our five month anniversary,)

I even did some crocheting on my bolero for the wedding. Look at my awesome jacket with bunnies on, I even have a matching dress. Oh, and this colour is btw out so I better have enough yarn to finish, in case of a crisis I bought two skeins of the same colour only in alpaca and not wool, just in case!

 Speaking of bunnies, they have been really cuddly and relaxing all weekend, until one of us pulls a tuft of loose fur, because guess who is molting? BOTH. Not fun, everything has fur in it on it or between it, food, drink, clothes and my crotheting. Not so Yay.

 How was your weekend? Any fun? Any yarn?

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