Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday date night

M and I are having Friday date night today with Sushi, Big Bang Theory, The Walkin Dead and X-files.
That is what happens when M come home early, so we pretend Valentines is today. 

I have some gifts blocking for Sunday, but since we are going to a triple birthday I need to make more. Two heart coasters since it is the season and a small doily. So I got to use some of that read yarn after all.

And the -I need these coloured balls of yarn just because I love the colours but I don't have a need for them just yet-  baby blanket is coming along... I like colourful baby blankets and I don't care about gender colours. I like pink so I use pink. I like blue so I use blue. I like these greens and some red and peach would look nice so I used them too. All cotton from Søstrene Grene.

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