Monday, 1 February 2016

Out and about

I was out shopping with *Kio today, after I stepped off the bus I realized my hat and crochet mitts were missing! And it was blowing a cold wind and snowing too so I had to buy some emergency accessories.... And I fell on the ice so I feel slightly bruised and sore and sorry for myself.

Lucky for me the scarf was on sale, the hat was cheap and the mitts were OK. But I am still a bit miffed, I am going to call the buscompany tomorrow and see if my stuff might be there... If not I may have to crochet a new pair, but the last pair was really slow going....

I have however a new start, I felt inspired by the scarf I bought and decided I should try and make something similar. It is the yarn I bought on Friday! I may or may not have come out of the store with more yarn, but I am not telling. Not until I have a finish. Although my justification for this new start is that I only have one knit started and that is a hard one, so an easier knit was needed! Especially after my fall!

Bunnies love their new carpet. Guess which bunny is the biggest!

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