Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Shrug is finished!

I used about two balls of purple lanett wool yarn from Sandnes, actually the finished Florida shrug weighs 99 grams.

Even if I modified the shrug a little it didn't take all that time, but size conversion in all directions is a recipe for disaster so it had to be modified a little to fit. If I had more time I might have started over yet again. But it is now finished and ready for use so that M and I will match at the wedding.

My modifications were I added a stripe under the arms so the shrug would not be quite so smug fitting and I added some SC at the bottom. Now all I have to do is weave in the last few yarn ends.

Because of all that crocheting, re-crocheting and frogging of portions were I had already snipped and weaved in ends I had A LOT of yarn ends to weave in in the end...
But it is done and I am quite pleased with it, and you know since I am me and quite crazy because I am done with what I have to make I am now contemplating some sort of accessory and or a purse for the wedding. I still have a few days left, and more importantly I still have almost a whole ball of yarn left (which will be that last of that colour from my wedding) and the alpacca I bought in the same colour so I mean there are no reasons why not?

Mimle is a doll and only threw my ball of yarn once off the sofa, although Valmin did it too so I guess I have two little trolls these days?

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